Discerning the Way to Go

Surely one of the most challenging aspects of living a Presence-led life is the demands that are placed on us day by day by life itself!

If YOU don't prioritize your Life, someone else will. You can do anything but not everything!  Think of Jesus and all the things he didn't do... all the people he didn't heal, all the people he didn't pray for....and the time He spent with the Father discerning what He should do and not what others thought he should do.

Personally, I find that if I make my time with the Father my first and MOST important priority that He adds all the other things I need to do as He wills.  My days unfold with a sense of His leading, even when they change courses from the plans I’ve made.

I’m a list person, so every night, usually before I go to bed, my list is made for the next day.  Priorities are written down, because otherwise they escape me when the new day begins.  I like to plan...I believe God made me with the personality I have, and He gave me qualities HE has...after all, He is a planner extraordinaire!  At the same time I have come to learn that “there are MANY plans in a man’s mind (and surely even more in a woman’s!) but God directs their steps and causes His purposes to stand” Proverbs 19:21.

So my prayer is to yield to the greater one...not MY will, but thine be done.  Give me your mind, the mind of Christ, Father, so I can follow the path you have made ready for me to live a good life.

The Presence-Led life is a life of constant adjustment, discerning and sensing the leadership of the Holy Spirit at all times, and choosing to follow Him, wherever He may go.