Our Story 

Over thirty years ago the Lord spoke to us that we had been called to establish a place of prayer in New England.  He was quick to add that before we established a place of prayer we must first establish a place of prayer in the hearts of people.

This call has taken us on a journey around the world. We have traveled and imparted a spirit of prayer in prayer retreats, clinics, prayer schools and prayer revivals.  For more than sixteen-years Steve gave oversight to a 24 x 7 place of prayer in Ft. Worth, Texas at Calvary Cathedral International.  

 In 2012, God’s plan began to shift our lives into this next phase of ministry, creating a place of prayer in New England.  The Sanctuary is a place for believers to rest, refresh, hear from God, and return to do the work of the ministry.  We believe that NOW is the time for New England. We are already beginning to see signs of another GREAT AWAKENING in our nation.  




Name:  Stephen

Gender: Male

Birthday: August 11th

Home Town:  Saint John, 

New Brunswick,Canada

Name: Barbara

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 16th

Hometown: Albion, NY