The Mind of Christ

As we all endeavor to be Spirit-led, we must trust that we have the mind of Christ, and hold His thoughts.  Sure we come up with a lot of our own ideas, but Proverbs 16:3 has proved invaluable to me as I have walked out the plans of God for my life.  “Roll your plans, your ideas, your thoughts over on God.  He will cause your thoughts to get in agreement with His will, and then all of your plans will be established and have good success.”


Paul speaks of “letting this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus...if there be any other mind in you, He will make it clear to you”.  What a safety net we have, that we can trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit in us, and that if we for any reason are off the mark, He’ll redirect us, must like the voice in our GPS...”redirecting”.  There is certainly more than one way to reach your destination so don’t be intimidated to get moving and let the Holy Spirit steer you in the way you should go.  If you should take a wrong turn, He will redirect and get you back on the path.


Many years ago when I was facing the consequences of what I believed were some wrong decisions in my life, my spiritual mom, Vicki Jamison said to me, “Barbara, if your God is so small that He only has one way to work out His plan for your life, your God is too small.”  That has stuck with me for all these years.  Don’t limit God.  He is well able to KEEP that which we commit to Him.  That word keep, literally means ‘bring to fruition’ that which is committed to Him.  Put your concerns, your finances, your health, your life into His hands for safe-keeping.  He will guide you with His eye if you will stay in a face to face relationship with Him, trusting Him to work with you, and direct your steps.